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A creative centre for European children

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There is so much love in the world: Friendships, partnerships, and family. Love and affection enable personal development and carry individuals through life. However, many fail to experience the emotions, warmth and care of a fundamental source of love: Parents.

Just imagine children’s laughter and joy while capable individuals inspire them to interact. In a special place, Village Green will offer less fortunate children a small taste of a life they have not yet felt. Fulfilled by memorable encounters, the trip can reward them by widening horizons and discovering talents.

By bringing international youngsters together for creative vacations, they are able play and learn with each other and be inspired to strive for a better future. The project will promote experiences and lasting friendships between young individuals from 9 to 11 years of age from all across Europe.


The Concept

Under one roof, children from across Europe will be brought together on an inspiring trip to meet others. Here they can become involved in creative groups to learn, interact and enjoy themselves together. Language is no barrier to communication between these youngsters.


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The intensity of this project is growing as are the declarations to join in. We are so highly passionate about Village Green that nearly everyone we meet greets us with wonder. We are humbled by their comments and suggestions and especially by their support.


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The project offers unique positioning into an altruistic and meaningful environment with a wide, interested and motivated audience, both national and international. The initial task is to secure a property so activities will concentrate initially on raising funds to buy the house.


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A fine man named Martin Tallents unwittingly gave some spiritual guidance to the founders concerning the concept of Village Green. He was outwardly positive, curious and left his mark on those who's lives he touched. We are proud to be able to use his fables.


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The path to a completed centre will be both inspiring and incredible. Many people and organisations will become involved over the next two years. Initial impressions will concentrate on developments concerning the property and feature those that join in.

The Property

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The property required could be an old administrative building or school situated near the centre of a town in its own grounds. Or perhaps an old chteuax or family residence. The building needs to be structurally sound but can be in need of renovation and refurbishing.


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In brief, the idea for this charitable concept was inspired by Malcolm Kenneth Green, a fine man and my father. Throughout my life, whenever he stood peacefully somewhere, children would walk up to him and take hold of his hand. Yes, he was both humble and gentle. Yes, was extremely polite and gave everyone a chance. But there was more. We hope to honour him and his loving manner with this project.