Make a valuable impression on a European audience!

Well structured, Village Green is an inspiring environment to place messages. Target the readers of this exciting project and reach a group of exclusive European customers while supporting a very special project. Highly flexible and focused banner, teaser and overlay placements are available in many areas of the site.

Unique Opportunities

Village Green offers diverse formats to inform and motivate our readers. Independently owned and run by two expats, funds will be channelled from sponsorships and advertising directly to our non profit project.

Bookings can be specified to be placed on our partner websites if preferred. Amazing Capitals offers important information to international business professionals and families in diverse locations. Amazing Concepts are emotional country guides.

Effective Investments

Sponsor packages with high visibility and popular inexpensive full-page formats are available for annual bookings. Targeting this fascinating group of people can be achieved through highly flexible and focused banner, teaser and overlay placement. The stunning panorama image supports multilayer messaging in many combinations including the essentials pages.

Diverse Possibilities

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