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An easy, quick and cost-effective way of supporting Village Green is to place an advert on the website. Adverts can be targeted into a specific theme that benefits the image of the company placing the ad. Traffic will be generated from social pages and originate in several different countries.

Those wishing to address different target groups are welcome to specify placement on either or both commercial partner sites:

Amazing Capitals helps expats (international business professionals and their families) settle and live in their temporary or new location. Places include Dusseldorf, Rhine Ruhr, Prague and Beijing. Others cities opening in due course.

Amazing Concepts offers emotional country websites. The first of many to come titled Germany’s Great takes a look at the Germans and Germany.


The full article format is a popular and esthetic method of presentation. Linked through from teasers placed strategically on the site, this method is a great way of being introduced to readers. The page layout includes several different appealing visual elements.


Teasers generally link to internal pages on site in combination with a booked article. They are available in several formats such as Top Teaser, Image Teaser and Essentials Teaser. A terrific, effective method of presentation across the site.


Specific targeting of certain areas of Village Green activities and thereby approaching specific audiences becomes easy. The wide skyscraper banner format is available on virtually every page, linking to an article page or directly to an external website.



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