Every sum given makes a difference

Written by Garry on

© Greg / Village Green

Contributing to Village Green is both easy and rewarding, whether giving money, pledging for a later date, sponsoring one of the many rooms and areas of the creative centre, bequeathing some or all of an estate or helping with time and skills.

The project unique. It helps unfortunate youngsters close to our hearts from across the European Union. Furthermore donations will benefit the project in full.

Help is welcomed from people of all ages, all backgrounds and all walks of life. It is also welcomed from businesses large or small.


In this early stage, the value of donations is enormous. The first task is to buy the property for the children's creative centre. Trust is paramount to any good cause and can only be earned with time. Accounts will be controlled and all donations will benefit the project in full.


If contributing at the particular time of noticing Village Green is not possible then pledging a sum to the project in the future would create predictability for our plans. Since purchase of the property may be possible in delayed payments, pledging is an ideal way of supporting.


Anyone who discovers an affection for Village Green and feels that they would like to become involved in fundraising is welcome. Possiblilities include Christmastime collections amongst friends and neighbours or school events aimed at collecting for the project.