Using talent to support Village Green

Written by Garry on


Many fortunate people possess creative skills that astound. They can entertain an audience for hours, give pleasure through modern technology or through instruments. Whether brush on canvas, fingers on keys, a voice, or a pen, their ability to astound is unlimited.

For the founders, it is a great pleasure to know many such creative people, some of whom have declared their desire to become involved. Some have offered to donate a piece of art for auction or display in the creative centre. Others have suggested performances for fundraising.

We are especially honoured that Danae and Kiveli Dörken are staging a concert, our first fundraising event. Furthermore, we are very proud that they have agreed to become ambassadors to youth and youngsters for Village Green.

We are also proud to be able to publish the wonderful fables of Martin Tallents, a fine, talented man who used to live in the village of Deia on Mallorca in Spain.


Danae and her sister are magnificent performers, delightful young women and generous friends. We are honoured that Danae and Kiveli Dörken are staging a concert, our first fundraising event and agreed to become ambassadors for Village Green.


Works of art may be donated to the creative centre to be hung as inspiration for the children or to be used for fundraising. Any artist or art dealer is welcome to donate a piece of work and support. All who give will be mentioned and have their artwork presented.


A fine man named Martin Tallents unwittingly gave some spiritual guidance to the founders concerning the concept of Village Green. He was outwardly positive, curious and left his mark on those who's lives he touched. We are proud to be able to use his fables.