Rain in Deia - Tales courtesy of Martin Tallents

Written by Garry on

© Martin Tallents / Village Green
© Martin Tallents / Village Green
© Martin Tallents / Village Green

Meeting a fine man named Martin Tallents in 1990 was a pleasing, somewhat humbling experience. He took the founders of this project in for a cup of afternoon tea on their first day in Deia on the Balearic island of Mallorca in Spain. He played a special part in their future, unwittingly giving some spiritual guidance concerning the concept already so long ago.

He was outwardly positive, curious and left his mark on those who’s lives he touched. When he met someone experiencing a challenge such as a broken leg, he would say to their astonishment such things as: “Marvelous, that will give you time to think!” or: “Jolly good, there’s a sign for you!”

His seeing the positive side to life was what made many people love him while frustrating numerous others. Marvellous!

We are proud to be able to integrate some of his fables in our project and hope to spread the awareness and joy of these works at the same time. Thank you to Martin and Lady Cressida Inglewood.