Bequests, endowments & legacies

Ideal for those who wish to leave a gift

Written by Garry on


Across Europe, many people pass away without any offspring who would benefit from their possessions. Some are fortunate to find a good cause to which they leave their estate. Others make no will and fail to regulate their affairs; their wealth is passed on to the state.

People who wish to bequeath their estate or possessions to Village Green are welcome to visit the creative centre to decide on the preferred way for their money to be spent. They can make specific demands on which area of the project their bequest is used. An endowment can be stipulated for general running costs, for specific renovation, for food or perhaps for travel and excursions.

We can also arrange for assistance in creating a will in the home country of donors if required.

Upon our deaths, all our belongings will be bequeathed to Village Green.