Benefit from sponsoring a room, space or garden area

Written by Garry on


Becoming a sponsor is an ideal way of supporting Village Green. Rooms, frequented areas, gardens and other spaces are available for sponsorship. Support can be given for a few years, enabling the sponsor to integrate their activity in campaigns and benefit from solid PR over a predetermined period of time.

Although the premises and activities will be in France or Spain, fundraising and therefore PR and exposure will take place in several countries. Children will be welcomed from across the European Union, resulting in wide-ranging awareness in many individual markets.

All sponsors can receive advertising and promotional spaces on this website as well as on our commercial partner sites.

Fine Rooms

Visibility of sponsorship will be unusual, esthetic in design and enjoyable to the eye. Both highly noticeable and memorable, over twenty rooms are available to sponsors. From magnificent spaces where adults and children will interact to smaller, more intimate ones.

Select Spaces

A few areas of the premises will offer high visibility to all those that visit. An impressive entrance space, a long hallway or lobby will be available in the building. Many interior designs are planned with the children and this will be the area used for a fascinating central theme.

Splendid Grounds

A good few square metres of garden space will surround the property. Some sturdy walls or wrought iron fencing may ring the boundaries, providing necessary security. Establishing cultivated shrubs, lawns and gardens will be an inspiration for the children and visitors.