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Transparency is fundamental to building trust. Here we will address any topics that come to light or where we feel clarity is needed. This is a new, unique project, many aspects of which are unlike anything we have discovered so far during research.

We sincerely hope that the faith bestowed upon us so far signifies what we receive in the future. We, on our part, will do everything we can to make the project a success.


Q: Where will funding come from?
A: We have many contacts to business and are expecting this to be a primary source initially through sponsorships and advertising. As the word spreads, we expect some generous individuals to become fascinated by the project and support us.

Q: Why should I give now and not wait until later?
A: In the initial stages, we need to raise funds to purchase a house where we can create the centre. That’s why we are grateful to all who become can give now.

Q: What about continuity?
A: As the project progresses, the wider fundraising campaign will be instigated.

Q: Will the running costs be high?
A: Relatively, however, the organisation will be efficient and many volunteers will be involved.

Q: Who will overview the funds?
A: We will engage independent, trustworthy consultants.


Q: What if an ideal property cannot be bought?
A: The area in which we are searching is huge; one will be found. Meanwhile, funds will remain safely banked.

Q: What sort of property is being sought?
A: Ideally, fairly urban but secure, some 20 to 25 rooms and gardens. Fairly close to airports and railways.

Q: How much will be spent?
A: The assumption is between € 250,000 and € 500,000.

Q: What happens if a specific property cannot be converted to a creative centre?
A. This will be clarified before purchase.


Q: What’s the difference between non profit, charitable and charity?
A: Since we have not yet applied for charity status, we refer to the project using other terms.

Q: Why not a charity?
A: Legislation for EU charity status unfortunately does not exist. This means implementing charities with full boards in each country where fundraising takes place. The strain on resources at this time would be too large.

Q: When will a charity be created?
A: According to current plans, this will happen during mid 2013. Businesses are able to deduct investments but philanthropists may wish for charity recognition to save taxes. Then we will create a charity in the country relevant to the donor.

Q: Will a charity be created in the country where the property is located?
A: The situation will be researched fully and professional advice obtained as appropriate.


Q: How will the children’s welfare be protected?
A: Many strict regulations exist to protect children and we will enter the process openly

Q: Will staff be affected?
A: All staff and volunteers will be screened and have to be certified by government agencies.

Q: Do health and safety regulations cover cover buildings too?
A: Yes. Any necessary developments will be clarified for feasibility and investment checked.


Q: Where will the children travel from?
A: We hope to bring deprived and orphaned children from across Europe to the creative centre.

Q: How will you find them?
A: We will seek assistance in each country who can propose children they think should visit. A team will then select using predetermined criteria.

Q: Why Europe?
A: We are European ourselves and have experienced as well as love much of Europe and the EU. We wish to help specifically children from this part of the world

Q: How long will they stay?
A: We are predicting a period of two weeks but professional advice will be considered.

Q: What age will the children be?
A: We are expecting ages between nine and eleven years. They would then be old enough to travel as an unaccompanied minor yet young enough to be interested in more than just other girls and boys.


Q: Why seniors?
A: Since some of our will focus is on orphans and they have neither parents nor grandparents.

Q: Why paying seniors?
A: We feel there are many seniors who enjoy the company of children and give insights whilst paying for an unusual vacation.


Q: Who are the people behind the project?
A: Taija is from Finland, lived in several countries and seen much of the globe. Garry is British experienced life in many locations with diverse cultures.

Q: Why this project?
A: As noted in the About tab on the start page and on the Vision page, we wish to offer some children new opportunities.

Q: Have you experience of such a project?
A: No, we are acquiring knowledge permanently and involving more and more professional assistance.

Q: Do the founders have experience with youngsters?
A: We do not have our own children and we will not run the centre. Experienced staff will be employed.

Q: What will happen if you separate or end your marriage?
A: The project will continue.

Q: What if one of you dies?
A: The other will bring in help and continue with the project.

Q: What if you are both killed?
A: It depends on the stage of the charitable project. In the early stages, the centre will be dissolved and monies passed to predetermined charities. Later, depending on the progress, professionals will be brought in to continue the work.


Q: Where will this project lead?
A: Assuming all goes to plan, we may open children’s creative centres in other countries.

Q: Why other countries?
A: Children are the future but many have a poor start in life. All across the globe.

Q: Where could the next one be?
A: We have already been approached for help form a centre in Finland and, surprisingly, Burma.


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