Thank You's

An expression of gratitude

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Judging by the response to our project to date, we expect many people to offer their skills, their services and their time. It is very heartwarming to experience such an outpouring of positive reactions. We will use this commitment to carry us forward on our path.

We say thank you, thank you, thank you and show our gratitude to all.


Several of our friends have been extremely generous in offering their help. With some, this support is ongoing, others walked into our lives at just the right moment and played an important part, knowingly or not. We call these kind individuals the family of Village Green.

The Website

Three generous and talented individuals who are based in Germany did not hesitate to help create a website. Having worked together so well on the concept and creation of the Amazing Capitals website, it was a short step to ask for support for Village Green.


Some advice can be taken at face value, other needs to be evaluated. Some may be rejected but all advice can be fundamental to moving forwards. We have listened to many comments, critical views and positive input concerning this project. We are grateful for every point made.



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