Tasks and milestones along the way

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The project of instigating a children’s creative centre is still in it’s early stages. Moving on from debate of the direction to take, discussions with many, many friends and critics through prioritising ideas and generation of the website, focus is now on PR and direct fundraising.

Keep up with our progress as we develop. The plan:


Prepare design concept ✓
Commence early awareness building amongst close contacts ✓
Define fundraising strategy ✓
Prepare website ✓
Launch new website VillageGreen.eu ✓
Start awareness building amongst international contacts ✓
Commence initial stages of fundraising campaign ✓
Engage PR partner ✓
Prepare PR strategy ✓


Launch first PR campaign
Promote Christmas campaign
Secure first funds and pledges for purchase of a property
Enter into talks with authorities on such topics as child care, building regulations, charities
Commence search for property in France or Spain
Widen fundraising campaign
Intensify media contacts in other EU countries
Integrate family of Village Green
Plan first fundraising event in Finland
Plan first fundraising event in Britain
Commence ongoing renovation
First fundraising concert in Germany with pianists Danae & Kiveli Dörken

Much later

Research and prepare charities in France, Britain, Germany, Finland
Invite first trustees and boards for charities in France, Britain, Germany, Finland
Create charity organisations in key EU countries when appropriate
Initiate contacts to European organisations for orphans
Engage notary public
Engage independent financial consultant
Purchase property
Calculate renovation investment
Create complete and qualified budget for non profit project
Start to prepare first rooms & manage gardens
Instigate project organisation
Search for professional staff


Test functionality of organisation and centre with friends’ kids
Invite first children from key EU countries to stay at the creative centre
Invite children from further countries to stay at the creative centre


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