The Concept

A brief introduction to an inspiring project

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A house will be purchased to create a beautiful centre where children from various countries can use their magnificent ability to communicate with each other across language barriers. It will be a place in which professional staff and creative people can install a caring environment for encouragement, enjoyment and guidance.

Under one roof, children from across Europe will be brought together on an inspiring trip to meet others. Here they can become involved in creative groups to learn, interact and enjoy themselves together.

Language forms no barrier to communication to these youngsters. Guidance and support will be given by caring professionals in their respective fields.


Senior citizens who would like to engage with children will also be invited to stay for a fixed fee. Here they can integrate and participate in the everyday workings at the residence. They can contribute their life skills whilst offering youngsters the taste of having Grandparents.


We firmly believe we have a case for inviting help for the more unfortunate children that we will be bringing to the centre. All financial support will be fully invested and a room will be reserved for philanthropists wishing to come, stay and see the results of their generosity.

In Kind

People and businesses are welcome to become involved in the project. An important phase for donations in kind will be after the purchase and drawing of plans for development and renovation. The turn of volunteers and pro bono professionals follows.