A creative place for Europe's orphans

Written by Garry on


A beautiful children’s centre will begin to be created by purchasing a house. This is where children from various countries can then use their magnificent ability to communicate with each other across language barriers.

The intended property could be in southwest France or Spain and has to be ideal for the needs of the project. The location will be in or near an urban area with willing individuals and local support as well as an abundance of creative people that would be willing to assist and support.

It will be a place in which professional staff and volunteers can install a caring environment for encouragement, enjoyment and guidance. It needs to have good road and rail connections and an abundance of international flight connections to a nearby airport.


During 2013 consultations will take place with experienced professionals. This is to ascertain the appropriate staff needed for qualified functioning and fulfillment of legal requirements. Positions range from centre manager, head of care, and staff for learning.


Many volunteers have already promised their time and expertise other acquaintances and friends are artists and creatively minded folk. Numerous offers of volunteering to work with the children have been received and this will become an ongoing process.


The professional experience and advice of Independent consultants will benefit the project. Business advisers, accountants, notaries and tax professionals will be consulted early in all aspects of the creation, development, running and success of Village Green.