Involving people of many ages and cultures

Written by Garry on


People from the local community of all ages and professions will be invited to become involved. We know that international residents will offer their skills to help develop and sustain the project.

Reaching out to the local French or Spanish community and approaching local businesses is also a fundamental aspect of the concept.

French & Spanish

We will integrate into this environment and welcome support from locals. Many ideas have been drawn up to involve local children and their families in our activities. Creative people such as artists and musicians will be invited to become involved in our work groups.


People from such countries as the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal and Italy will all be welcomed to align with the centre to help create a friends group. The networking possibilities are manifold and some expat residents have already offered their support.


Businesses like aligning themselves with a good cause. Many local tradesmen with diverse skills and professionals offering the services we require will also be brought into the centre. The opportunity to gain new clients through the networks we are creating is rather rewarding.