Planned from idea to fulfillment

Written by Garry on

© Greg / Village Green

For some two decades, the idea of creating a children’s creative centre has developed from being a small spark of inspiration to a vague idea. More recently it has ripened to a solid concept that has become a passion and a vision ready for fulfillment.

We wish to concentrate the rest of our active lives to offering some children certain opportunities. We are focusing our attention on orphans and other deprived children, hopefully inspiring some to strive for a better future. We are also concentrating specifically on the European region.

We are so highly passionate about this project that nearly everyone we meet greets us with wonder. We are humbled by their comments and suggestions and especially by their support.

To a few, the idea of creating the project seems somewhat naive. Where will the money come from? What regulatory barriers have to be crossed? Is it the right location? How will we find the children? Yes, these are all valid points that have to be addressed and are being addressed.

The intensity of the project is growing as are the declarations to join in.

We can visualise the project so well that we see, smell and taste how it will be. We can feel the nervousness of the children arriving and hear the first tentative steps to join in with others that are already in the centre. We note the faces of cheerful youngsters playing together and sense the joy of friendships. We recognise the passion of the adults that involve themselves in the everyday running and we experience the sorrow when we have to say goodbye to each and every child that has joined us.

We will be frustrated that there will never be enough space but we also relish the thought that one day we will open more centres in other European countries. And we will rejoice each and every card or e-mail from those that leave and we will enjoy hearing from developments of the children in the years that follow.

Join us please. Give generously if you can, And take pleasure from the fact that we will spend every penny, every cent well and in the best interest of the children.

Thank you, Taija & Garry